APDEM Council Updates

Program Director’s Corner – September 2019

APDEM Council Updates

For this month’s Program Director Corner, Council would like to provide a brief update to membership on some of its current initiatives and projects.

Finance Committee

APDEM Council has created a finance committee responsible for assessing APDEM’s financial wellbeing and identifying potential fiscal opportunities that will support the mission of the organization. The Finance Committee reports directly to Council and will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing the annual operating budget and presenting to Council for approval
  • Identifying potential sister societies and sponsors
  • Exploring investment opportunities and options
  • Developing business plans for proposed APDEM projects
  • Recommending membership dues rates to Council

We are pleased to announce that the following members have accepted their invitations to serve on this inaugural committee for a two-year term:

  • Susan Samson, Baylor College of Medicine (Chair)
  • Andrew Gianoukakis, UCLA-Harbor Medical Center (Ex-Officio)
  • Christopher McCartney, University of Virginia (Ex-Officio)
  • Ole-Petter Hamnvik, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Member)
  • Sara Lubitz, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Member)
  • Farah Morgan, Cooper University Health Care (Member)
  • Vafa Tabatabaie, Montefiore Medical Center (Member)

APDEM Response to ACGME RC-IM Proposed Changes to Program Requirements

Thank you to the 22 program directors who completed a survey regarding the ACGME’s proposed changes to its program requirements for endocrinology.  Using these responses, APDEM Council crafted an advocacy letter to send the ACGME for consideration.  You can read APDEM Council’s comments here.

Updates from the All-In Match Oversight Task Force

As sponsors of the Adult Endocrinology Match, APDEM partners with the NRMP to monitor compliance with the All-In Match policy (http://www.apdem.org/all-in-match-apdem-statement/).  According to our agreement with the NRMP, APDEM must confirm the number of fellows who have entered (and/or will enter) each program as a first-year fellows in 2019.

We have now concluded our reporting and have passed it along to NRMP for monitoring.  Thank you to all the Program Directors and Coordinators who confirmed their fellows.  If you have any questions regarding the match or oversight task force, we encourage you to reach out to the Task Force Chair, Dr. Gianoukakis (agianouk@ucla.edu).

Call for Council Nominations Open

The call for nominations to APDEM Council is open and will remain open until close of business, October 25, 2019.  To self-nominate or to nominate another Council member, please fill out this survey.

As defined by our bylaws, the Council shall consist of seven voting Councilors, including the President and Secretary-Treasurer, notwithstanding the nonvoting Councilors, including the President-Elect and the Immediate Past President. Council members must be voting APDEM members (defined within the bylaws as a Program Director of a current APDEM organization) in good standing. Nominations for membership on the Council may be proposed by any voting member.

Volunteers Needed – Program Director Corner Articles

We encourage APDEM members to get involved with the organization by writing a Program Director Corner article.  Program Director (PD) Corners are an opportunity for program directors and associate program directors to share the resources and tools that have helped their programs and to start a discussion around education practices through the comment feature at the bottom of each article.

We are currently seeking volunteers to write articles for the October, November, December and January articles.  If you are interested, please email APDEM staff at apdem@endocrine.org.  Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional development opportunities – for junior faculty and fellows
  • Interviewing/Recruiting best practices
  • Engaging adult learners
  • Mentor/mentee relationships


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