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Program Director’s Corner – January 2019

Milestones are due again…

Dawne M. Vowler, C-TAGME
Endocrinology & Metabolism Program Administrator
University of Michigan Health System

Most of you have probably noticed that there has been a push at national meetings, at our various organizational meetings, and on our various network “chat” areas for some kind of a market title for Program Administrators, which includes a career ladder.

At the University of Michigan, we have been struggling with this question for a long time.  We, like many if not most institutions, have an array of titles for our Coordinators.  Our PCs report to a multitude of departments and divisions across the Health System and Medical School, and the salaries and requirements for our jobs vary greatly.

In an effort to bring us all more in line with each other, create a career ladder, and leverage for growth, a Program Administrator Advisory Committee was created to tackle this monumental task of developing and rolling out a Market Title Series for Program Administrators.  What you see below is the culmination of their work.  To further explain, we still do not fall under GME.  Meaning, we do not report to Graduate Medical Education.  We still have our diverse reporting mechanisms.  However, we have all been transferred into this classification from the many classifications we had before, which takes the Description and Duties and puts us in the various levels within Program Administrator.  I encourage you to look at the grid that you can find when you click on the link GME Program Administrator Job Description & Rationale found in the announcement below.

I hope that what our hardworking Committee achieved here will help you to start and/or continue conversations at your institutions, if you are interested.


Announcement from Program Administrator Advisory Committee


There is no debate, the GME Program Administrator role is a profession! However, a large number of institutions across the nation currently do not have an institutional Market Title (official job title listed with Human Resources) to reflect this. Over the past year, Michigan Medicine has collaborated with various institutional stakeholders to create and implement the GME Program Administrator Market Title series that went into effect January 1, 2019!

As part of our research, there was little national data and documentation to support our initiative and assist with the development. Recognizing this, and wanting to share resources with other institutions to assist with their development of a Market Title series for this under-recognized profession, we have created a website where our documents are located for your use.

GME Program Administrator Market Title Development:

We encourage you to share this email and website with anyone interested in a similar initiative at your institution.

We also recognize that other institutions have done similar work, and if your institution has resources that you would be willing to share please email them to Christine Rupkey (U-M GME Office Manager) at

With your help, we look forward to the national evolution of the GME Program Administrator Market Title!

Michigan Medicine

GME Program Administrator Advisory Committee











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