Beginning with the 2018 recruitment season, APDEM has operated the fellowship recruimtnet process in accordance with the NRMP’s All In Match policy. This policy remains in effect for the 2023 recruitment season  (for appointments beginning in July 2024).

All programs are required to register and attempt to fill all positions in the NRMP Match, unless an exception is granted. Requests for exceptions must be submitted and approved in writing and will only apply to the current Match cycle.

APDEM supports the All In Match policy and the ways in which it serves the best interests of candidates and Programs, including:

  • maximize applicant autonomy and maximize each applicant’s ability to evaluate programs without undue pressure;
  • maximize the overall success of the Match (with more applicants achieving better Match outcomes vis-à-vis their individual preferences);
  • best safeguard the integrity of the overall system of endocrinology fellowship position allocation;
  • maximize procedural fairness among Programs competing for a common pool of applicants; and,
  • minimize the risk that APDEM would breach its annual contract with NRMP.

Important documents:

All In Match Policy for Endocrinology
APDEM All In Match FAQs
All In Match Background Materials

Fellowship Data & Reports

Please email with any questions you have in regards to this policy.

All In Match Oversight Task Force (2023 season)

Aaron Schulman, MD – Co-chair
Ismat Shafiq, MD – Co-chair
Jessica Abramowitz, MD
Ty Carroll, MD
Ruchi Gaba, MD
Katie Guttenberg, MD
Lakshmi Pakath Menon, MD
Zeb Saeed, MD
Matthew Levine, MD (ex-officio, non-voting)