APDEM Annual Meeting Agenda

APDEM Virtual Meeting

Thursday, June 18, 2020

6:00pm EST – 7:30pm EST

Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, and Program Coordinators of Current APDEM Institutions are invited to join us for our APDEM Virtual Meeting.  Please submit your RSVP here to receive dial-in instructions.

Please see the 2019 Draft Annual Meeting Minutes here for approval.

Time and Agenda ItemSpeaker
6:00pm - Welcome & Introduction of New Program Directors Dr. Andrew Gianoukakis, APDEM President

*If you are a Program Director, Associate Program Director, or Program Coordinator who is new to their program, please send us your name, title, and a photo to apdem@endocrine.org by Friday, June 12, 2020 so we may welcome you!
6:03pm Establishing Quorum APDEM Staff
6:05-6:10pm Approval of Minutes & Business Report Dr. Odelia Cooper, Secretary Treasurer
6:15-6:25pm Reports from APDEM Sister Societies (~3 minutes each) American Thyroid Association – Dr. Martha Zeiger, President
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists – Susan Samson, Secretary
Endocrine Society – Dr. Carol Wysham, President-Elect
6:25-6:35pm APDEM Business Dr. Christopher McCartney, Immediate Past President
APDEM Advocacy Highlights
Curriculum Update
Newsletter committee – call for volunteers
All In Match Update

Dr. Odelia Cooper, MD, Secretary Treasurer
Finance Committee

Dr. Andrew Gianoukakis, President
Initiation of committee to address diversity, inclusion, and health
6:35-7:10pm COVID Task Force Andrew Gianoukakis, President, Dr. Christopher McCartney, Immediate Past-President and Co-Chair, COVID Task Force, Dr. David Lieb, Co-Chair, COVID Task Force

Recruitment Subcommittee (Co-Chairs: Marina Charitou, MD & Saira Khan, MD)
- Review survey
Level 3 subcommittee (Co-Chairs: Aaron Schulman, MD & Vafa Tabatabaie, MD)
Patient Care subcommittee (Co-Chairs: Emily Szmuilowicz, MD & Stephanie Smooke Praw, MD)
Fellow didactic subcommittee (Ricardo Correa, MD, EsD, FACP, FACE, FAPCR, CMQ & Deepika Reddy, MD)
7:10-7:20pm Milestone Update Dr. Geetha Gopalakrishnan
7:25-7:30pm - Acknowledgement of New and Recently-Transitioned Council MembersDr. Andrew Gianoukakis, President
7:30 AdjournDr. Andrew Gianoukakis, President