COVID-19: Community Survey and Support

COVID-19 has become increasingly disruptive for many endocrine training programs. In some cases, COVID-19 has dominated program director effort requirements.

APDEM Council would like to focus its efforts on supporting programs during the COVID-19 crisis. With this in mind, we ask that Program Directors and Associate Program Directors kindly respond to this brief survey regarding how APDEM might support the community.  (NOTE: We may share these survey results with our sister societies [Endocrine Society, AACE, and ATA].)

We wish health and safety for you, your fellows, your co-workers, and all of your families.

COVID-19 Task Force and Subcommittees

APDEM has organized a COVID-19 Task Force to identify ways we can support fellowship programs through these uncertain times.  From this task force, four subcommittees were formed to develop content and provide support to our membership.  The subcommittees and their chairs are:

Subcommittee NameCo-ChairsCouncil Representative
Pandemic Emergency Status (level 3) SubcommitteeAaron Schulman, MD
Vafa Tabatabaie, MD
Mira Sofia Torres, MD
Fellow Didactics Subcommittee Ricardo Correa, MD, EsD, FACP, FACE, FAPCR, CMQ
Deepika Reddy, MD
Odelia Cooper, MD
Patient Care SubcommitteeEmily Szmuilowicz, MD
Stephanie Smooke Praw, MD
Rana Malek, MD
2021 Fellow Recruitment Subcommittee Marina Charitou, MD
Saira Khan, MD
Abid Yaqub, MD

APDEM Resources for COVID-19

The following resources, championed by APDEM Council and/or the COVID-19 Task Force, were created to assist fellowship programs in supporting and educating fellows in these uncertain times:

Recruitment Plan

Advocacy Letters

Fellows Education Resources

Program Assistance and Support